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          emf protection and shielding systems for electromagnetic radiation effects


          ส่งเงินบาทไทย เวกัส 168

          In the last ten years, levels of radio frequency radiation worldwide have increased exponentially.

          Australia has one of the highest levels of mobile phone ownership in the developed world (22.1 million phones - 83% of the population, with 78% of 14-17 year olds and 23% of children 6-13 owning mobiles). These usage levels require more and more mobile phone towers and this, coupled with our rapid uptake of wireless technology and the arrival of smart meters, contributes to increasing EMR sources. This will increase awareness and emphasis on phone radiation protection.

          Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from mobile phone towers, mobile phones, Smart Meters, Wi-Fi and electromagnetic fields from power lines, electricity sub-stations and meter boxes are at the centre of safety concerns globally as studies find increasing evidence of a link with brain cancer and other illnesses. Inevitably protection from EMF will become more important.

          Users who talk for over an hour a day on a mobile phone or use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for more than two and a half hours a day are about a third more at risk of developing brain tumours, according to recent studies in Germany, Norway, Sweden, UK and the USA. The cancers are most often found on the side of the head the phone was held to most frequently and in order to prevent from cell phone radiation, EMR Shielding Solutions has come up with innovative cell phone covers/case which fits all Cell Phones.


          A cancer link has also been found with digital mobiles, old analogue mobiles and digitally enhanced (DECT) cordless phones. Other studies illustrate the potential health risks of living and working near mobile phone towers with additional studies demonstrating that `soft tissue` surrounding the nerves is at risk from all Wi-Fi radio bands. Increasingly EMF protection has become an important priority.

              The EMR Shielding Solution

          EMR Shielding Solutions is an innovative company specializing in the development and supply of shielding systems including electroconductive coatings and paints, for the protection of people抯 health and wellbeing, and high-technology equipment against electromagnetic radiation effects (EMR) resulting in more EMF protection. Our products are the first choice of experts in the field of protection from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) resulting in more EMF protection in Europe, the home of "Building Biology".Yshield products are tested and certified in Germany.

          We help detect, measure and provide protection from EMF.

              YSHIELD EMR Protection and HF-SHIELDING PAINTS ?The revolution in shielding technology.

          YSHIELD is considered to be today憇 market leader in emr protection and the field of shielding paints for HF-Radiation, such as microwaves from cellphone towers and smart meters. Our easy to apply paints achieve attenuation of 36 dB an amazing sheilding effectiveness of 99.98% of HF-Radiation in one layer, attenuation of 43 dB (sheilding effectivness of 99.995%), without metal particles using only a mixture of carbons. Therefore they offer perfect corrosion resistance, long-term durability and are environmentally safe.
          We offer EMR Testing & Controlling by our EMF Meters , Shielding systems and solutions for a wide range of EMR applications:

          Home / Workplace: Protection from HF- radiation from cellphone towers (e.g. 4G, 3G, GSM, UMTS), smart meters, TV and radio broadcasting antennas, radar, mobile phones, phone radiation protection, digital standard cordless telephones (DECT), wireless networks (WLAN) and electromagnetic fields from power supply lines.

          Industry: To prevent interception of data from wireless networks and to prevent interception of potentially bugged conference rooms.

          Science and R&D: Shielding of EMI-sensitive facilities and equipment.

          Medicine: Protection of sensitive technical equipment.

          Electronics Industry: To reduce induction and interference.

          Further applications: Schools, nurseries, hotel rooms, hospital rooms, etc.

          Mobile Phone Radiation

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          Customer Service:  Tel: 03 5988 6238   Email: contact@   Post: EMR Shielding Solutions, P.O. Box 3128, Auburn, Hawthorn, Victoria 3123

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